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It’s a thin line between love and hate

Love is a very passionate, very powerful emotion. It makes you feel wonderful, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, all is right with the world! There is nothing better, in my mind, than falling in love with someone except maybe realizing from time to time that you’re still just as in love with that certain someone as you always have been, if not more so. Of course hate is another emotion that is just as passionate and powerful. In fact, I consider it to be the other side of the same coin. It takes just as much passion and energy to hate as it is to love and both emotions can make you crazy if you let them.

I was listening to some music while driving this morning and this song came on that was so passionate and so vehement that it got me thinking about other songs and so here is a list I came up with of what I think are the most powerful songs to express love and hate.

Here’s a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares! – Travis Tritt

I Hate Everything About You – Ugly Kid Joe

Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away! – Motley Crue

Your Guts, I Hate ’em – Reel Big Fish

F* You – Cee Lo Green

So, how therapeutic was that!  And now, some love songs to truly inspire that aren’t limited to grinding up against someone calling Ooh baby baby ooh.

The Very Thought of You – Nat King Cole

At Last – Etta James

Just the Way You Are – Billy Joel

You’re the Inspiration – Chicago

You’re My Best Friend – Queen

While this song is talking about something different from the others, how can I not include a man who’s this excited about the birth of his daughter!

Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

And now I’ll leave you alone with your warm and fuzzies.

COMING SOON: Descendants of Quendaris

I’ve been working my fingers to the bone cranking out book 2 of the Crystal Palace Chronicles.  Once again the characters are larger than life and the heroine is especially feisty! I’ve found myself falling in love with the characters yet again and I think you will too. Here’s a quick synopsis of Descendants of Quendaris.

The Crystal Palace Alliance still has their hands full cleaning up the mess left by Zenobia and the Lord of the Underworld when an ancient enemy rears its ugly head. After centuries of slumber the Goblin King has arisen and is determined as ever to conquer the Dwarf Kingdom of Abiloth. Two decades of war has managed to strain many allegiances within the Alliance when they gain a new member, the true queen of the Kingdom of Rune. With the help of Prince Alaric, Princess Isabel and her betrothed, King Iskander, the queen works to unleash an ancient and powerful magic, reveal a traitor in their midst and put an end to the war once and for all!

Sneak preview coming soon.  Expected date of publication: May 2013

A taste of the tropics


As a writer my mind is always busy with new story ideas even while I’m currently working on a concept.  So, as I work to finish and release the sequel to Heroes and Hearts in May, here is an excerpt from a contemporary island romance I’ll be working on very soon.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Keira and Rafael!


Beams of sunlight softly fell across Keira face waking her gently.  She sat up and stretched, her body groaning about the awkward position in which she had fallen asleep.   The breeze carried the scent of the sea into the room and beckoned her out on to the balcony.  From her room she had a terrific view of the sun rising up out of the water.  It was so big and bright she felt like she could touch it.  She looked down on the beach and noticed the silhouette of a man moving on the sand, his movements were slow and deliberate, like a dance and Keira surmised he must be doing Tai Chi.   As the sun rose higher and her eyes adjusted to the light she was able to get a better look at him.  His jet black hair whipped about his head and face.  His broad shoulders were bare and muscular.  The muscles in his arms flexed as they moved back and forth.  His brawny chest and stomach glistened with mist from the sea and his powerful legs were clad in a pair of white loose fitting pants that flapped in the breeze.  Keira suddenly felt very hot and her throat parched.  She threw the man once last admiring glance before leaving him to meditate in peace.  She peeled off her suit, now wrinkled and damp, and headed into the bathroom.  She pulled back the shower curtain and leaned forward to turn on the water when a gigantic spider swung down before her from the ceiling.  Keira let out a bloodcurdling shriek as she stumbled back and fell against the wall.  She shivered as the thing hovered in the air, grabbed a towel and stumbled out of the bathroom.  She wasn’t exactly squeamish about creepy crawlies but the thing in her bathroom looked like something from a horror movie and she wasn’t about to stick around.  Suddenly the door to her room banged open and she turned to find the man from the beach standing in her room, his eyes wild and his chest heaving.  Keira screamed again and pulled the towel around her cursing herself for leaving the switchblade she always carried in her luggage since she couldn’t carry it on to the plane.

“What the hell are you doing?” she screamed, “Get the hell out of here!”

“I-I’m sorry,” he replied, seeming as started as she, “I heard screaming, I thought someone was in trouble.”

Catching her breath Keira went flush with embarrassment.

“Yeah, that was me, sorry.  I found a VW bus impersonating a spider in my bathroom.”

She could see the man relax a little and thought she caught a smile curl a corner of his lip before he grunted, picked up the poker standing by the fireplace and headed into the bathroom.  Edwina rushed into the room as a quick succession of loud thumps and clangs rang out.

“Are you alright Miss Payton?” she gasped.

“Yes, Edwina, just had a few frights this morning.  I’m sorry for screaming,” she replied sheepishly.

Edwina got a shock of her own when the man emerged from the bathroom victorious against the eight-legged beast.

“Rafael, what are you doing in Miss Payton’s room?”

“It seems I am rescuing a damsel in distress,” he smirked.

“You’re Rafael?” Keira asked.

“And you are Senorita Payton, my new boss.” He did not sound happy.

Rafael swore as he tore through the weeds in the gardens.  Once upon a time Sandy Shores had had a bed of flowers that had been arranged to spell out the initials of the resort before it had been neglected and overgrown.  Rafael had discovered years ago that weeding was an excellent way to vent his frustrations.  He was already in a ratty mood from having his meditation interrupted by a vision of loveliness standing on a balcony in the distance.  The sunlight caught glimpses of gold in her shimmering red hair as it danced on the breeze and caressed her alabaster skin.  She had disappeared as quickly as she had arrived so Rafael was sure it was just a hallucination.  Then as he made his way back to the hotel to start the day came a scream that nearly stopped his heart.  Instinctively he bolted for the source of the sound and burst through the door only to have his heart stop again.  Before she had the sense to cover herself, his chestnut eyes took in the details of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Her eyes sparkled like emeralds, her sensuous lips parted in surprise, her breasts were perfect mounds with pink peaks begging to be licked and teased.  His eyes followed her lithe curves with a hunger he had not felt in years and the feeling greatly disturbed him.  He had to keep hold of his emotions because when his passion got the better of him, trouble ensued.

Dammit, why did he have to work for a woman? When Don Manuel, a long time friend of the family and his only friend left in the world, recommended the job in San Sebastian, it sounded like the perfect escape.  Of course he couldn’t fault Don Manuel, how would he know his friend would drop dead over the course of time it took Rafael to get on and off an airplane?


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