COMING SOON: Descendants of Quendaris

I’ve been working my fingers to the bone cranking out book 2 of the Crystal Palace Chronicles.  Once again the characters are larger than life and the heroine is especially feisty! I’ve found myself falling in love with the characters yet again and I think you will too. Here’s a quick synopsis of Descendants of Quendaris.

The Crystal Palace Alliance still has their hands full cleaning up the mess left by Zenobia and the Lord of the Underworld when an ancient enemy rears its ugly head. After centuries of slumber the Goblin King has arisen and is determined as ever to conquer the Dwarf Kingdom of Abiloth. Two decades of war has managed to strain many allegiances within the Alliance when they gain a new member, the true queen of the Kingdom of Rune. With the help of Prince Alaric, Princess Isabel and her betrothed, King Iskander, the queen works to unleash an ancient and powerful magic, reveal a traitor in their midst and put an end to the war once and for all!

Sneak preview coming soon.  Expected date of publication: May 2013


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