A Book Review: A SEAL’s Seduction by Tawny Webert

Sexy scientist Alexia Lane has just moved back to her hometown of San Diego for a job that allows her to use her psych degree to spearhead a new project that would benefit victims of sex abuse and domestic violence. As a Navy brat with a strict father and socialite mother, she has sworn off military men and her homecoming is not a happy one, especially since her father insists on playing matchmaker. She’s kindasortamaybe in a relationship with an old friend and boss but there’s absolutely no passion which is perfectly fine for two cerebral individuals such as they, according to him anyway. Of course, you know what that means…

Sing it with me now “Itty bitty teenie weeny shriveled little…”

Her boyfriend buddy wants to get more serious about their relationship… thing and although Alexia’s just not feeling it, she resolves to herself that a sexless companionship for the rest of her life probably wouldn’t be so bad. That is until she and her brother catch sight of uberfoxy Blake Landon on the beach and practically needs a cigarette just looking at him! After an explosive brunch with her parents and dull dinner with her soon to be friancend, Alexia visits the local bar and Navy haunt where she spies Blake under attack by a barracuda in 9 inch heels who is intent on ignoring the fact he obviously wants to be alone and comes to his rescue; nearly knocking out her capped teeth and pulling out her bleached roots in the process.

 Alexia and Blake develop an instant chemistry and connection, most likely due to a combination of her experience with the military and her psych degree, and she knows almost immediately that something is haunting Blake. Their attraction to each other is blistering and she decides to give in to one night of mind blowing sex and self indulgence before spending the rest of her life shackled to her good friend the robot.

Yeah baby, that’s the spot, do me like that!

I won’t give away the rest of the story or the ending but this story has some decent writing, adventure, steamy love scenes and keeps a good pace. There were a few aspects about the story that bothered me such as how despite the fact she grew up around military men and acknowledged the rugged physique of the hero on the beach as not belonging to a muscle head, it never occurred to her that the man might be Navy… while lying on the beach in Navy Town, USA. It also never occurred to her that he was Navy even though she found him nursing a beer in the Navy bar that was packed full of Navy types and knew he was friends with a Navy SEAL team. So when after a weekend of wall cracking sex she discovers that he is in fact a Navy SEAL, she blows her top.

Anyway, maybe as a military spouse myself I can’t understand the logic, or lack thereof, but it wasn’t enough to distract me from the story too much. A SEAL’s Seduction is a sizzling and addictive romance novel that hooks you immediately and, as a free download on Amazon, is a fantastic introduction to this woman’s writing. I already intend on buying the next book, A SEAL’s Surrender featuring Blake’s buddy, LT. CMDR. Cade Sullivan. And now to leave you with some military eye candy since I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for a man in (or out of) uniform 😉


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