Writing, Rules and Fantasy Creatures


Today we pay a visit to The Book Faery Reviews where I’ve written a guest post that talks about incorporating fantasy creatures into your writing. Check out “Writing, Rules and Fantasy Creatures” and be sure to enter today’s giveaway for a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card and a copy of my eBook, Heroes and Hearts.

UPDATE: It appears either the blogger or my guest post has fallen into a black hole, the faeries have revolted and are holding the blogger hostage or possibly she’s been eaten by a dragon. In any event, my guest post and today’s giveaway information hasn’t been posted. As soon as the situation is rectified I’ll post another update but in the meantime, here is my guest post: Writing, Rules and Fantasy Creatures

The Sci-fi/Fantasy genre seems to have really picked up speed in recent years, much to my delight as a long time fan. I’m sure I’m not the only reader seeing a trend as to which creatures are getting the most attention and sometimes that attention isn’t positive. Yes, I am of a generation that doesn’t find monsters sexy. Vampires were vicious, mysterious, deadly creatures who fed on the living, burst into flames in daylight and sometimes battled other vicious, mysterious and deadly creatures. Vampires were almost never erotic and they certainly didn’t sparkle! We were warned by closemouthed country folk in dark taverns to stay off the moors and avoid werewolves. They didn’t run around bench-pressing things with their shirts off and they didn’t play basketball or go street surfing on top of vans. Even zombies have become so mainstream that, if upcoming books and movies are any indication, they are now becoming dateable once they learn how to appreciate human brains without wanting to snack on them!

So, you wanna come back to my place?

My point is, not everyone is going to agree with your interpretation of whatever creature you decide to use in your stories. You can try the traditional approach or you can create your own rules if you wish, just try to be consistent in your universe so you don’t confuse your readers. Personally since the market has been so saturated with vampires, wolves, zombies and aliens I’ve decided to show some love for the neglected creatures of the fantasy realm. While I do employ dragons in Heroes and Hearts I also introduce my readers to the deadly and frightening Manticore of Persian legend. In Descendants of Quendaris readers are treated to lots of orc and goblin action but they also meet a cousin of the dreaded Welsh Gitto. When it comes to Sci-fi and Fantasy, you can either limit yourself to what everyone else is doing because it’s safe or you can follow the road less traveled. Why be less daring than your own characters?

Kiss me you fool!


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