Thoughts and prayers to the people of Boston

Right now everyone is up in arms about the bombings in Boston today and rightfully so. What happened today was an act of ignorance and hatred by a person or persons who wish to make a point and bring attention to whatever sick and twisted agenda they have. The nation is hurting, angry and mournful as we try to make sense of yet another act that was absolutely senseless and evil. However, we need to remember not to jump to conclusions. Not all the facts are in. We don’t know what whack job is responsible for today’s events and it is far too early to start pointing fingers at any one specific group of people. Right now we have access to more speculation and theory than cold hard facts and when it comes to speculation and theory the internet alone can be an incredibly dangerous place. So at least for the next few days while the rumor mill turns, try to keep your mind and heart open and take everything you see and hear with a grain of salt. It is far too easy to focus on hatred and rage and listen to rumors as they spin wildly out of control. Focus instead on the victims and their families. Focus instead on the first responders and those civilians who ran towards the site of the blast to help the injured and dying while the rest of the crowd ran away. Focus on how you can help those in need. The Red Cross in the Boston area is calling for volunteers. If you’re able to give the time, then please focus your energy on that. If your local chapter is asking for blood donations and you are able to, focus your attention on that. In a time when fear, anger and outright negativity threatens to engulf us all, turn some of that energy into a more positive outcome.

And now, I leave you with thoughts from one of my favorite comedians, Patton Oswalt.


One thought on “Thoughts and prayers to the people of Boston

  1. Thank-you for these powerful words of encouragement, Noemi. It is so hard to keep our hearts open to feel the pain, rather than harden into sharp points of hatred. But so necessary to healing the world.

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