Breakfast Just Got Sexier!


If there was ever a reason to be a foodie this could be it. Our neighbors to the North have invented what they’re calling Sexcereal. Inventor Peter Erlich formulated this cereal to provide nutrients that he says promote hormone balance and sexual function. The cereal contains ingredients like bee pollen, wheat germ, an Incan “superfood” called maca, cacao nibs and chia which is blended in accordance to sex. Men have one version of the cereal while women have another. I’m assuming this is to pertain to the fact women have different hormonal needs than men and there wouldn’t be any adverse affects if you ended up eating the wrong one.

I’m telling you girl, that new Sexcereal works wonders for me. I’ve never felt better!

While Erlich and his company aren’t claiming their Sexcereal is an instacure and to throw away your viagra, WebMd says that in the long run ingesting these ingredients could provide the desired result. Many of the nuts and seeds you’ll find in the cereal have shown evidence of improving sexual function or libido. For instance, Cacao, or chocolate in the buff, is packed with antioxidants that make the heart happy and improves circulation as well as phenylalanine which is a close cousin of dopamine. The ginger used in the women’s cereal has been known to boost the circulatory system and stimulates nerve endings while in ancient times bee pollen and maca found in the man’s cereal has been used to boost libido and stamina.

Those ancient doctors REALLY knew what they were talking about!

While I’m not exactly a skeptic, I just can’t justify dropping 20 bucks on a bag of cereal. You can probably run to your local Whole Foods or nature store that keeps these seeds, nuts and granola on hand and make your own for considerably less.  Of course, unless you’re a nutritionist or an enthusiast who makes your own granola, you probably won’t get the exact formula down but from my experience eating cereal containing the above mentioned ingredients is much healthier than the preserved crap found on supermarket shelves. It tastes better and hey lookit that, eating better makes the body feel better! Suffice it to say if the body is feeling better your chances of being in the mood rises (among other things) and you’re both in the mood to play hide the cannoli more often.

Sadly there are no humorous cannoli pics on the interwebz


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