Theme music

Today Pitch Slammers will be tossing out songs that go with the theme of their books, characters, scenes etc. I’ll be jumping into the fray with songs for Conquest of a Queen.

Main Characters

Isabel Kendra – Power Inside Me by Richard Marx

Isabel has always prided herself on being a strong, independent woman but her adventures in Baelcrest show her exactly how much strength she really has. Even in moments of fear and doubt, Isabel constantly struggles to come out ahead. Failure is not an option.


Leticia Kendra, Mirror Mage and mother to Isabel – Fighter by Christina Aguilera

Leticia went through Hell and back since her husband disappeared but rather than collapse under the strain of it all, the woman rose above it and became a shining example of strength to her growing daughter.


Alaric, Prince of Lothiari – Hero by Nickelback

Every bit the fairy tale prince, Alaric is ready to ride to the rescue of a damsel in distress and do battle with the forces of evil. However, when he finds Isabel is usually able to get herself out of danger he doesn’t know what to do with himself. When he finds himself falling for the strange woman, he questions if he could ever be worthy of her.


Ilythia, Dowager Empress of Lothiari – You Gotta Be by Desiree

The Dowager Empress has lived through war, the loss of her beloved and not just running a kingdom but heading the Crystal Palace Alliance as well as raising a future king. Throughout it all, this graceful elderly woman has remained poised and strong even during moments of fear and uncertainty. I think this song falls in line with a belief system she would pass on to her children and grandchildren.


Nancy Harrington/Valeska, Queen of Rune – She’s Country by Jason Aldean

Having idolized her brash pillar of a father, Nancy relies on her Texas upbringing to take the enemy by storm and get back the kingdom her family had lost. 


Iskander, King of Shayn’del – Something Inside So Strong by Labi Siffre

Iskander puts the needs of his people before himself. He is duty bound to do the right thing but when he thinks he must step down because of an injury, he discovers what’s necessary to become a true leader.


Secondary Characters

Lennox, Man at Arms – Indestructible by Disturbed

Prince Alaric’s right hand man and defender of the kingdom of Lothiari, Lennox takes his duties very seriously. He will fight to the death for his kingdom, his friends and the woman he loves.


Nerissa, Princess Regent of Rune – Bad Mama Jama by Carl Carlton

This princess has been holding down the fort from a very young age and no matter how many times she’s knocked down she just doesn’t know the meaning of staying down. Nerissa does what she has to do and drives men wild while she does it.


Lavinia, Princess of Abiloth – Let the Bodies Hit the Floor by Drowning Pool

This petite poised beauty is a tiny bit upset about her life in Abiloth.



Phaedra, sorceress – Lady Evil by Black Sabbath

Crossing paths with this sorceress is a bad idea. Even when she’s cordial and smiles she’s most assuredly planning your death. 


Rakad, Lord of the Underworld – Death, Death by Voltaire

The Lord of the Underworld is incredibly dark and snarky. His very gaze make those he comes for tremble until they pee. He doesn’t really give a damn about anyone or anything and his favorite part of the job is screwing with people’s heads.


Torquil, King of the Goblins – Evil Fantasies by Judas Priest

This song is the embodiment of the dark and twisted mind of the Goblin King.


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