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WTF books

Sometimes in my search for the next great or at least enjoyable book to read I come across a book that makes me do a double take and I’m compelled to take a further look to see whether or not said book is (hopefully) satire. Usually they are and the joke is just so good that I actually end up picking the book up. Here are a few that recently caught my attention:


Now when i think cuisine Coolio isn’t the first person who comes to mind but apparently he’s been cooking since he was 10 and invented what he calls “Ghetto Cuisine.” Learn how to make quick recipes that are easy on the waist and wallet such as Soul Rolls and Finger-Lickin’, Rib-Stickin’, Fall-Off-the-Bone-and-into-Your-Mouth Chicken. The book contains chapters like “Chillin’ and Grillin’ and introduces the reader to fusion cuisine categories like Blasian (black Asian) and Ghettalian (ghetto Italian).







This is a book that’s been placed firmly on my wish list. It’s a hilarious take on the popular series only between a young innocent wide eyed chicken and a wealthy sexy chef. The book contains some filthy yet delicious sounding recipes like Dripping Thighs, Bacon-Bound Wings, Learning-to-Truss-You Chicken, and Mustard-Spanked Chicken. Here’s an excerpt:

“I want you to see this. Then you’ll know everything. It’s a cookbook,” he says and opens to some recipes, with color photos. “I want to prepare you, very much.” This isn’t just about getting me hot till my juices run clear, and then a little rest. There’s pulling, jerking, stuffing, trussing. Fifty preparations. He promises we’ll start out slow, with wine and a good oiling . . . Holy crap. “I will control everything that happens here,” he says. “You can leave anytime, but as long as you stay, you’re my ingredient.” I’ll be transformed from a raw, organic bird into something—what? Something delicious.


I LOVE this book! I’ve always been a fan of Garfield growing up but this book   displays the comics with the fat lasagna loving cat completely erased so you get to witness Jon having psychotic episodes throughout. Awesome!







If you’ve ever perused the Book of Faces you may have come across a post or two featuring texts between a dog and his annoyed owner. Well, the creator of this phenomenon has a hilarious book that will have you rolling, especially if you’re a dog owner. I know I could see my dogs doing this 🙂







Written and drawn like a sweet little bedtime story, this book follows the saga of a poor little alligator who’s tired of fruit and desperately wants to chomp on a nice pudgy child but he’s just too small.









If you haven’t heard of this book yet you’re probably either living under a rock or come from outer space (in which case I welcome our robot overlords;). This is an actual real life book that parents can relate to as they follow the saga of a father who is desperately trying to put his daughter to bed. And now for your viewing pleasure, here is Samuel L. Jackson reading Go the F*** to Sleep. G’nite folks!