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Dogtags and Desire: Military Women Romance Novel Excerpt

I have been a military spouse for just over 10 years and one essential part of being a successful military spouse is the ability to keep busy! One way I have done so is writing and one project I’ve been working on is a compilation of love stories geared towards spouses and women serving in the military. This compilation is nearly complete and should be published sometime this year, I’m just trying to decide whether to keep it in compilation form or throw all the characters together into a single novel.

Before you ask, no I am not a fan of Army Wives. I was excited about the concept but got disenchanted when I saw one of the first story lines embraced the stereotype that all spouses screw around on their husbands during deployment. I also found the show a little overdramatic and too soap opery (is a word?;). In my experience, the life of a military wife is packed with enough drama all on its own without involving secret segregates and hostage situations.

Anyway, the following is an excerpt featuring Navy couple, Grace and Daniel. Enjoy!


Gracie stood on the pier waiting.  She had been waiting 18 whole months for this moment and the past two weeks were the most agonizing.  The young blonde had cried herself to sleep more times than she cared to remember.  She bit her deep red lips to fight back the tears as her heart remembered sinking on the morning of yet another holiday spent alone and lurching when she got word Daniel had been injured.  Thankfully the wound hadn’t been fatal although she had secretly wished it had been just bad enough to send him back home to her.

The unusually warm spring breeze played with loose strands of shiny flaxen locks done up in Greek goddess fashion as she glanced around to the other wives and families who were loaded with flowers, balloons and gifts and making small talk with each other as the minutes endlessly ticked by.  Suddenly someone gave a yell and everyone turned and began waving though the ship was still just on the horizon and too far to make out any details.

Gracie’s heart pounded and she fought for a second time to keep the tears from falling.  He was home, finally, he was home!  The air crackled with electricity as the boat slowly approached and took forever to tie up.  People were already yelling to each other on cell phones and once liberty was called cheers erupted from ship and pier alike. Gracie’s anxiety continued to rise as she watched the sailors pour off the ship, reunite with their loved ones and disappear into the parking lot. Finally, the familiar silhouette of her husband appeared on the brow. His grin reached from ear to ear as they approached each other, his blue eyes sparkled as they roamed over her brand new figure. It had been almost two years since they had been together and although she had caught the eye of many men as the pounds melted away, she had never been tempted to cheat on Daniel no matter how much she liked the new attention she’d been receiving.  The line, “he’ll never know” just never washed with her.

The drive only took ten minutes but felt like eternity and the closer to home they got the more her heart pounded, her stomach filled to bursting with butterflies.  She knew her husband wasn’t the least bit nervous as he kissed her hungrily at every stop light and intersection and caressed her thighs and arms, running his hands over her abdomen and hips as she drove.

“You’re gonna make me crash, honey,” she giggled as he leaned over and began kissing her shoulder while cupping one of her breasts.

“So pull over,” he replied with a mischievous smile and tone that made Gracie’s breath catch in her throat as a throbbing began below.

The young wife was thrilled as she’d been slightly worried that her husband might not like that she had lost so much weight but he was pawing her no differently than when she’d been “pleasantly plump” as he referred to her whenever she obsessed about being too fat.  As they pulled into the driveway, Gracie’s heart pounded again.  She had another surprise for Daniel but wasn’t sure if he’d last long enough to receive it.  The rich giggle that escaped her then betrayed her thoughts as they got out and Daniel looked at her.


She looked at him with a seductive little smile, her body tingling with excitement while her grey eyes twinkled as she replied,

“Nothing dear.”

Daniel laughed and grabbed at her as she hurried past him and she yelped and giggled while trying to open the front door.

“Don’t give me that, what are you up to?”

“You’ll find out,” was all she would say.

He took her hand in his and swept her into his arms, pulling her into a fierce kiss as he kicked the door closed behind him.  Gracie grew giddy and white hot all over and melted into arms, his bulging manhood pulsing against her, and it took everything she had to push him away.

“No no, sweetheart, not yet,” she teased breathlessly, and placed a finger on his lips when he opened his mouth to protest.

Taking his hand she led him into the spacious living room with large windows overlooking the bay and roman style columns.  She had given it a glorious makeover with the extra pay Daniel got from a recent promotion and she took pride in it although at the moment she knew he wasn’t all that interested in the immaculate white couches sitting before their stone fireplace or the plush white rug that replaced the old shag carpeting.  Gracie pushed her husband into a white overstuffed recliner and tapped a couple of buttons on a remote on the fireplace.  Fwoosh! The fireplace roared to life as the new stereo system began to softly play a selection from Sade.

Daniel smiled, his azure eyes displaying a hint of confusion mixed with excitement.


“Shh!” she replied as she began to sway back and forth in time to the music.

She turned her back to him, swishing her hips as she slowly lowered the zipper on the back of her dress and looked over her shoulder while slipping the dress off one shoulder, then the other. Once she’d gotten the confidence, she had secretly taken a class and rehearsed this routine over and over to get it just right for today.  Gracie turned to her husband then and let the dress drop to the floor, giddy with pleasure as she saw the ridiculously large grin on his face grow even bigger as he took in her shapely form in nothing but a black lacey peek-a-boo bra and thong contrasting her soft porcelain skin.  Giving him a wink, she slipped the straps off and reached back to undo the clasp before turning her back to him again.  She tossed the bra over one shoulder making sure it would land on Daniel and he picked it up, kissed it and held it out to her as if toasting her with a glass.  Giggling she turned back and ever so slowly bent over and pulled off her thong.  The music changed on cue to a faster beat as she kicked it to one side and planned to really let her husband have it.  She swished over to the nearest pillar and began twirling around it in time to the music.  The moves she did would have made any professional pole dancer proud and her heart leapt as she saw Daniel’s mouth drop in astonishment.  Yes, dear heart, she thought to herself as she really got into the routine, the little wife has been keeping herself busy.

As the song wound down she gave a final twirl and as she came to face Daniel she discovered he was suddenly right there, unable to take anymore.  His face held a wild, animal expression as he pulled her to him, moaning a little as he kissed her hard.  He ran his hands down her back and under her cheeks before lifting her up off the floor.  She wrapped her legs around his waist and groaned as he pushed her up against the column and nibbled on her ear and neck.

“Oh God, Daniel!” she gasped as he entered her.

“Oh baby, I love you so much!” he whispered to her as he gyrated  into her and let his pants drop to the floor.

Her flame built up from deep within and she moaned louder and louder with her head thrown back and eyes closed, feeling one of Daniel’s hands massage her bottom while the other caressed her breasts.  He backed up away from the wall and she leaned back as he kissed and sucked on her breasts before coming to his knees on the soft rug.  Gracie lowered her feet to the floor and pushed her husband on to his back.  As she cradled him, the two of them covered in sweat, her loose hair shimmering in the firelight, she reached down and tore Daniel’s shirt open.

He laughed, once again surprised at her assertiveness, and she leaned down and kissed him roughly.  His hands ran up and down her body with intensity and he moaned as she licked and nibbled his nipples, chest and stomach before she began to ride him.  He pumped into her harder and faster as she rode in time with him until their collective moans and sighs rose up into a tremendous cry.

She lay on top of him and he caressed her hair as their breathing settled.  Out of nowhere Gracie began to sob and Daniel froze.

“Are you alright, honey?” he asked her trying to sit up.

She rolled off him and sat up beside him, wiping the tears from her face and laughing.

“Yes, Danny, I’m sorry.  I’m just so happy!”

“I know darling, I am too.  I’ve wanted to hold you in my arms for so long. I thought this day would never come!” he replied holding her in his embrace again.

The couple lay back down on the soft rug again before the fire and made love three more times as twilight turned to night.

Gracie awoke the next morning and listened to her husband’s heartbeat and steady breathing as she lay across his chest as he slept soundly on the rug.  It had taken her a moment to realize Daniel had in fact returned home, so used to his absence as she was. She rose quietly, slipped on his shirt and padded into the kitchen to make breakfast.  A disturbing thought had occurred to her, one that she had completely forgotten about and didn’t know how to handle it though she thought she would’ve had an answer by now.  Before he left Daniel had expressed interest in starting a family but the idea had always left Gracie cold.  Now that he had returned the concept would surely come up again and try as she might, she really wasn’t comfortable with the thought of having children.

“Hey, don’t burn my bacon,” Daniel joked as he slipped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck.

Gracie jumped and moved the pan off the burner.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“Of course now that my husband has returned to me,” Gracie replied smiling and putting her arms around him.

Daniel swept his wife up in a long deep kiss until the smell of smoke got their attention.  Gracie turned to discover the charred bacon was now accompanied by crispy cajun style eggs and sighed.

“What would you say to going out for breakfast?” Daniel chuckled.

“Sounds like a good idea to me!”

Upstairs as they were dressing they stopped to make love a few more times before actually getting around to putting clothes on.


“Yes?” she replied from the bathroom where she was fixing her hair.

“Now that I’m home have you given any thought to what we talked about before I left?”

She put down the hairbrush and looked at him in the mirror as he sat on the bed.

“You mean about having children?”


She picked up the brush again and ran it through her hair a few more times before answering,

“To be honest I haven’t really thought about it much lately.”

“Not even while I was gone?”

She turned to face him.

“Of course not I was too busy worrying whether or not I’d ever see you again.”

“Alright, so now that I’m home what do you think?”

She sighed, “Daniel.”

“Ok look,” he interrupted raising his arms, “before I left you said you were too heavy to have a healthy pregnancy.  Now that you’ve lost the weight I know you’re probably concerned about putting the weight back on but baby, don’t you want to have kids with me?”

“I just don’t understand what the rush is, we’re still young, Danny.”

“We are, which means we’ll have the energy to raise them!”

They stood there silently staring at each other as the air filled with tension.  Then Daniel’s expression suddenly softened.

“Is it because of your mother?” he asked.

Gracie was stunned as the words crashed against her and she crumpled on to the bed sobbing.

Gracie and Daniel practically grew up together and he knew her life growing up wasn’t easy.  No, she hadn’t been poor, she grew up in a modest little house with white picket fence and a yard and she’d had her own room.  No, her parents weren’t drunks and nobody had beaten or molested her.  They were a God fearing church going family who lived a quiet, non-eventful life.  While her father was away at the office most of the day her mother played the obedient little housewife cooking and cleaning, hosting cocktail and dinner parties and conducting herself just so.  She was also busy ignoring her daughter.  Gracie never got tucked into bed, never had bedtime stories read to her or kisses good night.  Her scrapes were never soothed or kissed all better, in fact, Gracie’s interactions with her mother were the briefest possible.  It was as if she didn’t exist as a child and as a teenager nothing she did could please her.  It was bad enough that she couldn’t be the happy homemaker but any time she went out whether to study, go to a dance or on a date she was met with accusations of being a whore.  The harsh words out of her mother’s mouth during those days made Gracie long for the days of silence in her childhood and when Daniel had decided to join the military and asked her to run away with him and get married she couldn’t say yes fast enough.  The reason she didn’t want children wasn’t because she didn’t love her husband, he was and always had been her best friend, but because there was a possibility that any children she did have would face the same type of mother.  The woman had no maternal instinct, Gracie was sure of that, and she didn’t know if it was hereditary.

“I just don’t want our kids to go through what I went through,” she sobbed as Daniel held her close.

“I know baby, I know,” he said, “but with the childhood you had wouldn’t that make you more determined not to be the same way with our kids?”

“Of course,” she sniffed, “but what if being cold and cruel is genetic?  You’ve seen my family.”

Daniel lifted Gracie’s chin so she could look at him and smiled,

“Well if it is then it’s surely skipped a generation.  You are the warmest, most loving and most generous person I’ve ever met and always have been.”

He gave her a warm soft lingering kiss on the lips and they stared into each other’s eyes before Gracie gave a deep sigh.

“Besides,” he continued, “I always thought you were adopted or your parents were pod people or something.”

Gracie chuckled, “Sometimes I do too.”

A taste of the tropics


As a writer my mind is always busy with new story ideas even while I’m currently working on a concept.  So, as I work to finish and release the sequel to Heroes and Hearts in May, here is an excerpt from a contemporary island romance I’ll be working on very soon.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Keira and Rafael!


Beams of sunlight softly fell across Keira face waking her gently.  She sat up and stretched, her body groaning about the awkward position in which she had fallen asleep.   The breeze carried the scent of the sea into the room and beckoned her out on to the balcony.  From her room she had a terrific view of the sun rising up out of the water.  It was so big and bright she felt like she could touch it.  She looked down on the beach and noticed the silhouette of a man moving on the sand, his movements were slow and deliberate, like a dance and Keira surmised he must be doing Tai Chi.   As the sun rose higher and her eyes adjusted to the light she was able to get a better look at him.  His jet black hair whipped about his head and face.  His broad shoulders were bare and muscular.  The muscles in his arms flexed as they moved back and forth.  His brawny chest and stomach glistened with mist from the sea and his powerful legs were clad in a pair of white loose fitting pants that flapped in the breeze.  Keira suddenly felt very hot and her throat parched.  She threw the man once last admiring glance before leaving him to meditate in peace.  She peeled off her suit, now wrinkled and damp, and headed into the bathroom.  She pulled back the shower curtain and leaned forward to turn on the water when a gigantic spider swung down before her from the ceiling.  Keira let out a bloodcurdling shriek as she stumbled back and fell against the wall.  She shivered as the thing hovered in the air, grabbed a towel and stumbled out of the bathroom.  She wasn’t exactly squeamish about creepy crawlies but the thing in her bathroom looked like something from a horror movie and she wasn’t about to stick around.  Suddenly the door to her room banged open and she turned to find the man from the beach standing in her room, his eyes wild and his chest heaving.  Keira screamed again and pulled the towel around her cursing herself for leaving the switchblade she always carried in her luggage since she couldn’t carry it on to the plane.

“What the hell are you doing?” she screamed, “Get the hell out of here!”

“I-I’m sorry,” he replied, seeming as started as she, “I heard screaming, I thought someone was in trouble.”

Catching her breath Keira went flush with embarrassment.

“Yeah, that was me, sorry.  I found a VW bus impersonating a spider in my bathroom.”

She could see the man relax a little and thought she caught a smile curl a corner of his lip before he grunted, picked up the poker standing by the fireplace and headed into the bathroom.  Edwina rushed into the room as a quick succession of loud thumps and clangs rang out.

“Are you alright Miss Payton?” she gasped.

“Yes, Edwina, just had a few frights this morning.  I’m sorry for screaming,” she replied sheepishly.

Edwina got a shock of her own when the man emerged from the bathroom victorious against the eight-legged beast.

“Rafael, what are you doing in Miss Payton’s room?”

“It seems I am rescuing a damsel in distress,” he smirked.

“You’re Rafael?” Keira asked.

“And you are Senorita Payton, my new boss.” He did not sound happy.

Rafael swore as he tore through the weeds in the gardens.  Once upon a time Sandy Shores had had a bed of flowers that had been arranged to spell out the initials of the resort before it had been neglected and overgrown.  Rafael had discovered years ago that weeding was an excellent way to vent his frustrations.  He was already in a ratty mood from having his meditation interrupted by a vision of loveliness standing on a balcony in the distance.  The sunlight caught glimpses of gold in her shimmering red hair as it danced on the breeze and caressed her alabaster skin.  She had disappeared as quickly as she had arrived so Rafael was sure it was just a hallucination.  Then as he made his way back to the hotel to start the day came a scream that nearly stopped his heart.  Instinctively he bolted for the source of the sound and burst through the door only to have his heart stop again.  Before she had the sense to cover herself, his chestnut eyes took in the details of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  Her eyes sparkled like emeralds, her sensuous lips parted in surprise, her breasts were perfect mounds with pink peaks begging to be licked and teased.  His eyes followed her lithe curves with a hunger he had not felt in years and the feeling greatly disturbed him.  He had to keep hold of his emotions because when his passion got the better of him, trouble ensued.

Dammit, why did he have to work for a woman? When Don Manuel, a long time friend of the family and his only friend left in the world, recommended the job in San Sebastian, it sounded like the perfect escape.  Of course he couldn’t fault Don Manuel, how would he know his friend would drop dead over the course of time it took Rafael to get on and off an airplane?


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