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A breakthrough for women’s health in third world countries

While it’s no secret that mortality rates for women in third world countries are far worst than in developed countries, scientists and researchers are making strides to change this. For the past 12 years women living in the slums of India have had access to a simple vinegar test that successfully detected cervical cancer in lieu of expensive Pap Smears and HPV tests resulting in cutting the number of cancer deaths in women by 1/3!

The doctors who presented their findings at the latest cancer conference in Chicago believe tens of thousands of lives could be saved in developing countries with this cheap test which would allow for early cancer detection and treatment. Reportedly the test can be conducted by locals with only two weeks of training, swabs and diluted vinegar which causes abnormal cells to change color for a short period of time. It’s estimated death by cervical cancer could be slashed by 31% preventing 22,000 deaths in India and about 73,000 deaths annually worldwide.

Indian officials are now making plans to expand the new vinegar test to more people and two companies who produce the HPV vaccine has announced they would be dramatically lowering the prices of their vaccines in Asian and African countries with the intent to vaccinate over 30 million girls in more than 40 countries within the next 7 years.