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Exclusive Interview with Isabel Kendra and Prince Alaric

Ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a real treat! Today, I sit down with your favorite prince and princess of Calfragor in an exclusive interview on Sylv Jenkins and Friends.

UPDATE: Sigh. It seems the blog dragon has struck again. Today’s guest post was not published so without further ado, I bring you my interview with Prince Alaric and Isabel Kendra:

Heroes and Hearts author Noemi Betancourt sits down with the stars of her story, Prince Alaric of Calfragor and Isabel Kendra, for an interview. 

NB: What were your first impressions of each other?

(They look at each other)

Alaric (laughs): I did not know what to make of Isabel at first. She appeared wearing some very unusual garb and was very irate with her father.

Isabel: Well do you blame me?

Alaric (takes her hand and kisses it): Of course not, my love. I soon discovered feistiness and inner strength to be only some of her most endearing charms.

Isabel (chuckles): Good answer!

(Everyone laughs)

NB: What about you Isabel?

Isabel: Well, as you can see my prince is incredibly handsome and charming so I think I was pretty smitten right away.

NB: So it was love at first sight?

Isabel: Well, I wouldn’t say that. Sure he was easy on the eyes but there’s more to a person than looks. I soon found Alaric to be a good man as well so I think I lucked out.

Alaric (smiles and winks): Good answer!

NB: Isabel, you have very little fighting skill yet you were always in danger. How did that make you feel?

Isabel: Oh, that irritated the hell out of me! Like most women today I think of myself as independent and I hated feeling so frightened and helpless whenever we were under attack. Of course Alaric was always around to rescue me but that seemed almost like an affront to my feminist nature. I didn’t want to be rescued and sometimes I didn’t need to be but when I did it was nice to know Alaric had my back.

NB: Alaric, how did you feel knowing Isabel would rather you didn’t try to rescue her?

Alaric: Frustrated, angry. I was raised and trained to come to the defense of a lady in distress. Unlike most of the women I have known who would hide in a corner and scream or faint, Isabel did not let the fact she did not know how to use a weapon stop her from trying to defend herself. It gave me time to get to her but at the same time I had a terrible time coping with the idea she did not always need me to rush to her aid.

NB: How did you like the other realm, Isabel? Was there anything you missed from our world?

Isabel (laughing): It was an experience. Everything was just so different. The Crystal Palace is something else, no description could ever do it justice; you just have to see it in person. I’ve made a lot of good friends and had experiences I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought possible! Did I miss anything from here? There were times when I missed my mother and her cooking. (leans forward and whispers conspiratorially) The food can be pretty bland in Calfragor but I just brought in a cook from the Outlands so it’ll be ok.

NB: How do you like our world, Alaric?

Alaric: I am afraid tis far too noisy for my liking! All these machines and devices roaring, beeping and humming, I cannot fathom how you can stand it.

NB: So I take it your stay here isn’t permanent?

(Both shake their heads)

Isabel: No, in fact we’ll have to get going in a minute. I can’t go into too much detail for security reasons but we need to find someone before we head back to the other realm.

NB: Well, thank you for taking the time out for this interview. Good luck with your search!