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Book Review: The Reluctant Goddess by A.F. Firebird

Metaphysical Fiction
Date Published: March 2012

Ellena Ripley is a bookshop owner from a rural town in the south of England – or so she thinks. But lately, she has a growing sense that life is not as it seems. At night, she dreams of a serene man who appears to be trying to tell her something; In the day, she can’t shake a feeling of expectation. But of what?

Meanwhile Hector, servant of LIFE and the man from Ellena’s dreams, has a dilemma. How do you tell someone they are a goddess? His previous attempts have met with disaster so he must be cautious, particularly when his new trainee, Boudica, formerly Queen of the Iceni tries to help. The question is can they succeed before it is too late?  


Look, said the large blue book on practical magic. We’re not going to get anywhere like this. We all need to work together. Let’s focus on one book and see if we can get her to pick it up.

But which one of us… she needs to learn so much said a pale yellow book called “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui”. His general demeanour suggested he was pretty sure that it wasn’t going to be him.

“It’s me”, said the copy of “Spiritual Growth for Beginners”.

“I have a chapter on change that’s absolutely perfect for this occasion”. There was a general murmur of agreement as Spiritual Growth for Beginners continued, “Okay, so if you can all point to me than maybe our combined intention can catch her attention”.

The books gasped and grunted as they focused all their will on the little blue and gold book.


Ellena felt a peculiar sensation, like the ocean with no breeze. She shook it off and scanned the books. A small gold and blue book caught her eye. She picked it out. Spiritual Growth for Beginners. The book attempted to nuzzle her, which isn’t easy with a hardback cover, and purred. Ellena did not notice. The rest of the section cheered but Ellena did not hear them.

She opened the book at random, whereupon page two hundred and twenty two leapt at the chance, revealing to Ellena the seventh chapter: Change – Mission Impossible or Trial by Chocolate Cake?

Promising title, thought Ellena as she read on.

Mission impossible, or trial by chocolate cake? It’s your choice, so choose wisely. The fact is, change is going to happen if you like it or not, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that change is causing you pain. It is not. Your resistance is what causes discomfort. The more you resist, the more difficult your life will become and the more painful your daily experiences will be. The only reason you change is because part of you wants to progress, so to resist is simply fighting with yourself….

Ellena could hear a customer entering the shop. She hurriedly replaced the book. She walked to the front of the shop, oblivious to the celebration going on in the New Age section.


While the stories were fairly riveting, figuring out how they connected was a bit confusing at first. I don’t know whether or not the pacing was intentional, but once you realize where the story is going The Reluctant Goddess really takes off. This is definitely an interesting read with a nice use of mythological and religious figures and concepts. The characters are endearing and the little plot twists Firebird sprinkles throughout the book keeps the reader guessing. Fans of Fantasy and mythology should find this a very enjoyable read:)

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A. F. Firebird

A.F. Firebird is the alter ego of a sociologist/psychologist turned web developer from the UK. While A.F. Firebird has worked in several fields her primary focus is the exploration of six virtues: appreciation, forgiveness, compassion, humility, understanding and valour. Her first novel, The Reluctant Goddess, numerous short stories and children’s books, all investigate aspects of these virtues.


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