Upcoming Projects

Fantasy Romance

Courtships of Quendaris Book 2: At the Queen’s Pleasure (Working Title)

And they lived happily ever after.. well, not really. Isabel has been running herself ragged restoring the Duchy of Kendra and ruling her subjects in the Shumkarja Outlands while being a princess and wife to the next king of Lothiari who has started to feel neglected. When Lord Rakad’s revenge claims Isabel, Prince Alaric and Leticia must race to restore her before she’s lost to them forever. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom of Shayn’delrune is coping with an influx of refugees crossing over from the kingdom of Izan as the Church of Ore tightens its lethal grip on all things magical. While sympathetic to their cause, the people of Shayn’delrune have grown weary and Nancy and Iskander soon find themselves locked in battle with the Church to keep the peace in their kingdom.

Courtships of Quendaris Book 3: Legacy of a Queen

The mists of prophecy continue to swirl, this time over the distant kingdom of Izan where the Holy Church of Ore rules with an iron fist. Conjuring magic is punishable by death, all magical creatures are enslaved and hybrids are put to death. When a queen gives birth to a child resulting in her dalliance with a merman, they are both thrown into the sea. Twenty years later, backed by the Crystal Palace Alliance, the halfling Adara leads the rebellion to free their enslaved brethren and reclaim her mother’s throne while Isabel finds herself fighting the greatest and most dangerous battle of her life.

Descendants of Quendaris Series

Ancestry of Quendaris Series (prequel)


Spellbound (Working Title)

After years of waiting for her husband to return from his quest at the bidding of a beautiful princess, Sequoia decides to track him down and may the gods help him if he isn’t dead! As is always the case with those of her profession, the witch finds herself reluctantly embroiled with kidnapped princesses, villainous townspeople and wayward deities. What she doesn’t expect is to fall in love a second time.


Contemporary Romance

Grains of Sand and Heaven (Working Title)

Keira Payton has her hands full trying to breathe life into the dilapidated island resort her uncle willed her. Not only does she find herself locked in battle with a crazed competitor who insists on knocking her out of the business by any means necessary but getting her staff in shape involves dealing with Rafael, the dark and mysterious new landscaper who can make her quiver with a single look.

Dogtags and Desire (Working Title)

Stories of love and romance featuring military wives and women serving in the military.

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